Chasewater's many
habitats in pictures and text, some of them important SSSI's.

The Importance of Chasewater
for Wildlife
- and its not just birds!  An introduction by Graham Evans

Summary of Chasewater's Biodiversity

Birds Mammals
Dragonflies Reptiles/Amphibians
Rare Plants  Ferns
Butterflies Moths
FUNGI (Chasewater)

(courtesy of Peter Thompson)

FUNGI (SFG records)
(courtesy of Staffordshire Fungus Group)

(courtesy of Peter Thompson)

FUNGI (Chasewater2)

(courtesy of Peter Thompson)

Archived Bird Reports

Most reports are converted to pdf files

Monthly Bird List 2007
Monthly Bird List 2006

Archived Reports, Diaries and Photos

Archived Members Photos


Avian Influenza - guidelines for Birdwatchers
Who looks after Chasewater?
Competing interests AND CONFLICTS. 

PLEASE READ THIS STATEMENT now AND LET US HAVE YOUR VIEWS AND COMMENTS - See latest threats to rare site and species at Chasetown
Feeding the Ducks, Geese and Swans at Jeffrey's Swag and on the South Shore - all Wild Birds (well - nearly all!)
and our FEEDING STATION for the smaller birds.


Pollution - definitely not wanted at Chasewater!

One of the biggest threats to Chasewater and its wildlife is POLLUTION.  If you notice ANYTHING different that looks like it may have been caused by some foreign substance coming into the water or on the land around the Site, then IMMEDIATELY PHONE THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY'S 24 HOUR FREEPHONE INCIDENT LINE which is:
0800 80 70 60
THEY WILL TAKE IT SERIOUSLY and ask them to report what action they take to you and let us all know.



We welcome up to date reports and information, please email