Amateur Mycologist Peter Thompson has published  a new identification guide on British Ascomycetes (cup fungi, large and small as well as pyrenomycetes and other ascos). He has provided the following information regarding the book.

700 species have been described and photographed in mainland Britain.

For each species, the following information is given:
• The current name, with citation;
• Up to three synonyms, with citations;
• A colour photograph and description of the fruit bodies;
• A sketch of the ascospores and hairs (where applicable);
• A description of the spores, asci, paraphyses and hairs;
• The host substrate(s) on which the fungus is known to grow;
• The maximum size that the fruit bodies can reach;
• The date when found and location (except for Red Data species).

The cover price of the paperback is £42.99 and its ISBN number is 978-1-4797-4755-9 and the hardback is £62.99, with the ISBN number 978-1-4797-4756-6.

Anyone who owns either edition of the book can also choose to receive, free of charge, additional species pages beyond the 700 in the book, by email. This would include any new species located at Chasewater

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy should contact us at thompson.ascomycetes@gmail.com for more information

See our Bioversity page for more details of the species located at Chasewater and Biddulphs Pool